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The kerberos core team (Krbcore) is a core group of developers responsible for MIT Kerberos. All Krbcore members are committers. Krbcore members typically work for companies interested in Kerberos or for the consortium, although this is not a requirement. Krbcore members are expected to dedicate significant time to Kerberos and are expected to consider issues from the standpoint of the community as a whole rather than the standpoint of their employer or particular projects they are interested in.


  • Approve projects that have been sufficiently well thought out and that will advance MIT Kerberos
  • Articulate what would need to happen for projects to be ready for approval when they do not meet that bar
  • Guide the design of MIT Kerberos
  • Build the MIT Kerberos community by encouraging others to become committers and developers
  • Plan releases of MIT Kerberos
  • Guide the process of setting policies for MIT Kerberos

Who can be a member

  • Typically most consortium staff are expected to be part of Krbcore.
  • It is strongly desirable that sponsors on the consortium board have at least one employee who is on Krbcore. This is accomplished by working with sponsor staff to get them involved enough in the project that they would make a good addition to the core team.
  • Active developers who are not involved in the consortium but who spend significant time contributing to MIT Kerberos are an important part of making the core team successful.

Recommended qualifications

  • Strong familiarity with the code base and products
  • Ongoing commitment to spend significant time on the project
  • Dedication to the community as a whole rather than a single interest
  • Strong skill as a developer and designer
  • History of past contributions to Kerberos or internet security