Release Meeting Minutes/2010-06-15

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Simo Sorce, Will Fiveash, Zhanna Tsitkova, Greg Hudson, Thomas Hardjono, Tom Yu

master key stash problems. LDAP? Creating a slave DB is hard because stash command wants an existing DB.

Simo mentions problems with SELinux, etc. where shared service principal but can't share rcache due to being in separate security domains. Some discussion about what would be needed to make an application replay-proof.

There's a possible Diffie-Hellman incompatibility in anonymous PKINIT. Tom will research and send mail to affected parties.

DAL cleanup... for plugin architecture, use individual functions?
no strong preference

Greg asks about some trace logging stuff. Tom prefers that there be a default trace log level (when activated) that allows debugging of the most common configuration issues, and optionally allow more verbosity for debugging code.

Keywords are not really useful. When a customer files a problem report, it's difficult for them to find out what keywords to use.