Release Meeting Minutes/2010-02-02

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Bob Relyea, Will Fiveash, Zhanna Tsitkova, Tom Yu, Greg Hudson, Thomas Hardjono

IRC logging

Some developer interest in having logs. Tom will poll list, then ask lopbot maintainers to have it join the channel.

Patch releases

How far back should we port patches? Zhanna suggests "popularity" as one way to decide. (what dominant versions OS vendors and enterprises tend to deploy) We converge on "about two years" as a target.

Release 1.8

  • ad_signedpath breaks all cross-realm auth. Heimdal doesn't issue it for cross-realm. Should probably just do what Heimdal does. We can delete the check for cross-realm clients. (There are reasonable ways to make ad_signedpath work in the cross-realm case.)
  • Unresolved issues re tickets not forwarding with OpenSSH on some Debian / RHEL-5 combination. Maybe etype negotiation is involved?
Bob Relyea
latest RHEL has krb5-1.6.1
  • Need way to migrate off DES history key
  • File descriptor leak with LDAP
  • Ezra found KDC memory leak
  • bugs reported by Arlene Berry (Likewise)