Release Meeting Minutes/2009-01-06

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Meeting notes for 2009-01-06

Present: Greg H, Zhanna T, Steve B, Tom Y, Ken R, Sam H, Will F


  • Will: Estimate ~17 days' work left. Might help to get someone to review work done so far, may be able to get changes to the trunk by the 31st. Will try to commit work done so far to branch in MIT repository for review. Still working with same design previously discussed. Might be able to get some manpower to help out.
  • Sam: Luke & Sam's work is about 95% done. Open issues: Project writeup for non-DCE GSSAPI changes; get aliasing project writeup into review; enctype nego writeup is in review as of today. Want to get to some more reviewing of code for some of the very latest changes, but probably okay if that doesn't happen. Still need an answer: Luke's code adds encrypted pa-data structure for referral data, changing an ABI, probably not in a horrible way, but we'd need to discuss it, should at least run by Apple and Sun. We might be able to just take it out. Waiting on answer to a question from Larry regarding cases where Windows behavior doesn't match Larry's understanding; might affect this. ...Some discussion of Luke's statement of work and current states of things....
  • Zhanna: Working on domain_realm mapping in KDC, close to done.
  • Greg: Working on replay cache hashes, about half done. Might want to change some internal interfaces to the replay cache. Hash values may be needed only for rd-req, not rd-safe or rd-priv cases where we don't know if there are any collisions happening in pracice.
  • Ken: Looking over Luke & Sam's changes, have some test suite failures. Need to revisit the KDC logging code after the merge.
  • Tom: Looking at the client realm referral handling code.

Action items:

  • Will: Commit current work to branch in MIT repository. Talk to Anup about extra resources.
  • Ken: Fully committed for this week. Try to look at Will's branch next week. Review KDC logging again.