Release Meeting Minutes/2008-06-23

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Present: Ken, Tom, Alexis, Robert, Will

Who's looked at the draft krb5 api doc? lxs has, saw some broken stuff and missing documentation, but it may have been a broken rev that was available for a few hours. Current version isn't what she looked at.

Keytab stash file status: Will recoded some stuff, is re-testing, should have something for review soon.

Incremental prop: Ken still working on it, hoping to merge something to the trunk tonight.

Apple: lxs is still analyzing Apple patches, some need review from Ken & Tom; need to talk to Apple about licensing. Authz plugin API should be reviewed on krbdev.

MySQL: Robert is making progress getting plugin working. May have found a way to extend the protocol without breaking backwards compatibility.

Tom is trying to finish putting together a coding standards proposal, and revised roadmap for development, perhaps projecting a few years (and multiple releases) out.

IETF: Ken - referrals doc, main open areas (IIRC) are server canonicalization and security. Tom - assigned numbers for Kerberos, moving to IANA.