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This project was completed in release 1.13.

Requirements and scope

The GSSAPI mechglue allows the installation of additional mechanisms. These mechanisms are currently sourced from the file /etc/gss/mech at library load time.

In order to improve management of additional mechanism as separate packages for distributions, it would be easier if each package could drop a configuration fragment in a separate file to activate a new installed plugin instead of changing a single configuration file.


A new directory owned by the GSSAPI library is created in /etc/gss/mech.d. In this directory, packages can drop configuration fragments that use the exact same configuration format of the current /etc/gss/mech file.

After the main /etc/gss/mech file has been parsed, any file in this directory with a name ending in ".conf" is opened and parsed to find additional mechanisms to load.


Because there is no way to change the path to /etc/gss/mech or /etc/gss/mech.d, the automated test suite cannot test this feature.


host_config.rst and gssapi.rst will be updated to document /etc/gss/mech.d.


   123c14fd8862ee8f11f6084d25958cb380655f35 Remove dead code from the mechglue initialization
   05cbef80d53f49d30a5d0563501226dc173734d4 Load mechglue config files from /etc/gss/mech.d
   406f273e373014edc0ec31995dc82d6b7a5d73f8 Document /etc/gss/mech.d/*.conf

Finished in [krbdev.mit.edu #7782].

Release notes

Administrator experience:

  • Add support for configuring GSS mechanisms using /etc/gss/mech.d/*.conf files in addition to /etc/gss/mech.