Grandfathered 1.7 projects

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This project has been approved and is being actively worked on. Comments should be addressed to krbdev@mit.edu.

Several projects were under way before the Project policy was proposed. This documents projects that are ongoing in the 1.7 release process and that are not expected to fully follow that approval process. If any of these projects last beyond the 1.7 process, then project pages should be created for those projects. Those projects need not go through a formal approval process.

  • The Kerberos Identity Management API
  • Network Identity Manager 2.0. The basic approach has been approved, but additional detail was requested regarding how NIM 2.0 will interact with core Kerberos. That design gate is outstanding; a project page should be created with that information and that aspect (but only that aspect) reviewed through the project policy.
  • CCAPI locking
    • ccache cursor work to support KIM
  • KFW 3.3 support for 64-bit windows

Approved in concept

Some projects have been approved in concept but there are still outstanding details.

We have agreed that we want a plugin based mechanism glue layer. We have not yet agreed to the details. This project should go through a project review particularly focused on the proposal for pointer registration. However the basic question of whether we want to do the work or whether solving the problem is a good idea is not open for discussion.

We have agreed that a CCAPI implementation for Unix would be a good idea. It became clear discussing specific details that the specifics need to go through a project review.

We have agreed that KFW 4.0 will drop krb4 support. We have not agreed to all the details.