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The krb5 applications (rlogin, rsh, rcp, login.krb5, telnet, gssftp, and associated daemons) were bundled into the main Kerberos 5 package up through release 1.7. For future releases, they will be packaged separately. The repository for the unbundled applications is: svn+ssh://svn.mit.edu/krb5-appl

Following are notes about the maintenance of the krb5 applications:

  • MIT considers these applications to be legacy and will contribute to their maintenance only as necessary. Members of the community have volunteered to contribute some time to their maintenance.
  • There is no defined coding style for this project. Please follow the dominant coding style of the file you are modifying.
  • krb5-appl uses the same bug database as krb5 (https://krbdev.mit.edu/rt/). Tickets relating to the applications should be filed into the krb5-appl queue.
  • krb5-appl uses the same discussion list as krb5 (krbdev@mit.edu), although this is subject to change.
  • There is a test suite using dejagnu, similar to the one for krb5. Make sure that you have "runtest" and its dependencies installed on your system to ensure that "make check" will run the test suite.
  • To build from a checked out source tree, first run autogen.sh in the source tree to generate autoconf.h.in and configure.