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Software needed for running "make check"

On Ubuntu or Debian systems, a number of packages need to be installed in order for "make check" to function. These include:

  • dejagnu
  • expect
  • tcl
  • tcl-dev (needed by test programs that are extensions to the tcl program)
  • portmap (needed by lib/rpc-unit-test)
  • csh (or maybe tcsh; needed by some of the libdb2 tests)

Known test suite issues

On Linux systems, sometimes the --disable-rpath option to configure is required in order to avoid problems with previously-installed versions of MIT krb5.

The calls to krb5_c_random_os_entropy that pass the value 1 in the strong argument, which causes the library to read from the strong OS random number source, can cause stalls and timeouts in the test suite. Changing those calls to pass 0 instead will reduce the stalls. We need to have a better way to disable the reading of strong random numbers during tests. This is primarily a problem on Linux systems.

If an existing kdc.conf exists in the "installed" location, it can disrupt the automated tests, especially if it contains syntax errors.