Release Meeting Minutes/2014-04-22

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Will Fiveash, Thomas Hardjono, Greg Hudson, Ben Kaduk, Carlos Mas, Simo Sorce, Zhanna Tsitkov, Tom Yu

KCM -- socket location? RUNDIR vs some other Heimdal directory. The protocol is fairly simple.
Does daemon do lookup?
Can ask for a specific cred, can also iterate.

AS-REP renew life consistency check bug. Greg will probably close as inapplicable because there's no way our library can generate those reqs.

Export of partially initialized GSS contexts.

Need for krb5 mech and my NTLM mech. Needed for GSS-proxy. [ No design discussion on SPNEGO partial contexts; maybe add tests for the krb5 mech case. ]

CAMMAC -- detached verifiers? Simo is OK with folding ticket binding into KDC-verifier.