Release Meeting Minutes/2010-01-19

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Simo Sorce, Will Fiveash, Sam Hartman, Robert Releya, Zhanna Tsitkova, Greg Hudson, Steve Buckley, Thomas Hardjono, Tom Yu

libkadm5 SONAME changes done; caused a Heisenbug somehow. Not repeated.
Got a report that master key migration from 1.4 to 1.7 caused problems. Found that kvno of master key is zero. Will Fiveash's code assumes kvno=1.

[DES migration and AFS interactions]

  • really bad error message from KDC
  • dance of com_err libraries
  • new API to make aklog work

Doug Engert had some pkinit success and wrote it up on the mailing list. We talk about some smart card details. OpenSC. OpenCT. Recent standards make things mostly just work, at least for USB readers.

audit plugin?
some auditing calls alrady in OpenSolaris krb5
pluggable interface can go to syslog, to an audit database, etc.

We generally agree that stringifying things too early can cause problems, so don't do that.