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Release Meeting Minutes for 2009-01-27

Present: Zhanna, Greg, Tom, Thomas, Ken, Will


  • Ken: reviewed Will's code, working on update_princ_encryption
  • Tom: doing disable DES by default capability, simpler version with allow_weak_crypto config var; working on bug db, release notes
  • Zhanna: referrals more or less done, working on bugs
  • Greg: Will be working on "kdb5_util sync_stash" command after spinning up on mkey_migrate; should it be renamed or merged into "kdb5_util stash"?
  • Will: "kdb5_util dump" mkey convert option - tried implementing with some add_mkey code, running into a deadlock problem; looks like db2 back end has mutex locks in a couple places where not needed, will fix. Most of Ken's major review points have been addressed. Will address mkey-convert, do more testing, tackle "kdb5_util purge_mkeys". Can run "make check" successfully. Needs Ken's script for filtering valgrind log files to find errors.

1.7 planning:

  • Schedule for cut = Friday noon. Try to wrap things up by Thursday.
  • Will can add tests for mkey-migration later, but needs to get a schedule to Tom by Friday.