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Meeting notes for 2009-01-13:

Status updates:

  • Sam expects to declare being finished later today or soon after, subject to Tom's signoff or receiving more deliverables.
  • Will has committed some changes to his branch. He is testing and debugging his code; he has two commands to implement (purge unused key, update stash file), and is awaiting review of the changes on his branch. Ken will probably do so this week if another reviewer is not found.
  • Zhana is working on domain-realm referrals; work is going well.
  • Tom is working on some issues with client processing of referrals, and has also augmented our SVN repository hooks to rewrite "ticket: new" in log messages to contain the actual assigned ticket number.
  • Ken has been reviewing Luke's code changes and asking questions. Some have been answered; some are still outstanding.
  • Greg finished implementing the replay cache extension project but uncovered a design issue, which he expects to remedy this week. Ancillary replay cache issues will occupy some of the remaining time in January.

Project reviews:

  • Aliases is the only project currently under review. Love has raised an objection and Sam has asked for clarification.


  • Tom wants to find out if anyone still cares about the old ovsec kadmin API, since Will's code might break it. Sam thinks the API has been deprecated for over ten years (since before the 1.0 release). On the assumption that it is no longer important, will let it break for now and probably remove it later.