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Meeting notes for 2008-09-30

In room: Ken Alexis Tom Zhanna Greg Justin Steve; on phone: Sam H, Will F.

... (started taking notes late) ...

Discussion of master key rollover, mostly seems to have agreement. Updating project page, timeline unchanged. Will will add more intermediate implementation milestones.

Project proposal process revisions.

Currently need to provide a lot of detail, big hurdle. Could use this process only for large projects, or streamline process, or both.

Sam asks what problem is. Want a starting point for discussion that has less detail, less onerous to make an initial proposal. Want a lighter-weight initial step for discussion. Sam originally envisioned the process being used that way, but without it being too formalized and creating too much work to even start up a project. Tom: To the extent that it can be informal, mailing list is good enough; for stuff people may want to look up later, need wiki. May also want to keep around (wiki, or issue tracker) ideas that have been previously brought up and shot down. Maybe turn into iterative process.

Difficult to get anyone to approve a project. Possible approach, make a ticket in RT and assign it. Or, person proposing project needs to do the work of finding support and approval; may be too difficult for someone just getting started but fine for established developers. Could assign a sponsor/mentor/parter/spirit-guide/whatever for new developers to help shepherd things along.

Someone needs to make sure reviews actually happen. Tom?

Maybe a small list or set of people who can be emailed?

Tom suggests krbcore members should be responsible for reviewing code. Could automate assignment in RT when a ticket goes into "review" state. Also, can start sending ticket state changes to krbcore list. May need to update krbcore list membership.

Pages needed in wiki? Enrollment process for new committers. How to start doing stuff (Will's list). Expectations for krbcore members. Code review process. Expectations in terms of testing contributions.

Some nightly test runs are failing. New krbdev machine needs some reconfiguration, can't download readable log files right now.