Release Meeting Minutes/2008-09-02

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Release Meeting Notes 9/2/2008

Status reports:

Will: Long weekend. Will email today a timeline for master key rollover work. Some discussion of checklist, and testing for regressions.

Tom: Working on RT upgrade, and cleaning up some warnings with Ken. RT server migration should happen soon, should speed things up.

Zhanna: Working on replay cache code, ready to test performance changes. Planning a new design discussion.

Ken: Integrated some patches from Apple and lxs, fixed misc warnings, some things flagged by Coverity, make rules to help out with running Coverity. To do: More patches, domain_realm referrals, iprop.

Justin: Working on KIM, some UI stuff on Touchstone because the Touchstone team has little UI experience.

Alexandra: More Apple patches, more KIM work.