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Minutes of weekly release meeting, 2008-07-21:

1.6.4? raeburn pullup bugs:

  • 5994 - missing prereq? probably.
  • 5997 - klocwork
  • 5998 - klocwork
  • 6007 - kpkoch branch commit? -

rsilk - taking notes on kfw build setup.. 13 pages so far.

rsilk - downloaded patches from asanka; might incl building merge modules

tlyu - login env var setup? rsilk using (modified) sdk batch files to set env vars.

tlyu - 1.6-branch ... beta1 was security patch; org changes caused this to get dropped for a while. many new bugfixes. plan is to release 1.6-beta2, freeze for 2 weeks, then final release. kfw could cause a problem if it needs changes to core code in the meanwhile. could fork separate branch for kfw 3.2.3 meanwhile

sbuckley - consider whether to do bugfix patch releases. who are the consumers? what is resource consumption?

tlyu - apple patches; jaltman patches

lxs - build system stuff ; resolve diff btwn apple's stuff and ours

rsilk - mysql stuff on hold; getting hold of google summer of code intern; just got permission to chat with them. getting access to source control. working through probs with build script. build setup documentation.

raeburn - apple patches, other patches; getting up to speed with ietf documents

tsitkova - list of where i needed help. short term goal build krb. run small tests to see how it works. local simple stuff. tried to build and failed (using xcode). files not set up properly. (need lxs help). reading on kerberos. fighting with mac.

sbuckley - have 25% of jander to help with build system etc