Release Meeting Minutes/2008-07-14

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Minutes of weekly release meeting for 2008-07-14:


Will: Master key keytab project. Code review deadline passed, no comments. Next step merge to trunk?

Alexis: If no one is reviewing, we should assign code review to people, probably people on core team. Is a chore so people aren't going to volunteer for it.

Will: Regression tests pass. Changed test case to reflect new error.

Tom: Did you check the kadm5 functional spec? It's in the krb5 doc directory. Functional spec documents original intent of authors.

Will: Will check that.

Tom: Code review?

Alexis: Also need a way of identifying bugs that need code review without person who owns bug needing to assign it to someone. Maybe a "code reviewed" tag (ie: bug without tag hasn't been reviewed)

Tom: Is tag/keyword system good?

Ken: Okay for what it does.

Alexis: nochange/noresource seem better for ticket states than keywords. "resolved" means fixed to me, which is confusing.

Tom: If we use tickets for code review every change will have to have a ticket. Ken: patches?

Alexis: Old commit handler for CVS produced command to get diff.

Tom: Could also get URL to OpenGrok/FishEye

Ken: Current URLs are ugly -- redirect via krbdev?

Tom: URL names have leaked already. Rename of servers not happening quickly.

Alexis: Would like both URL (redirect good) and svn command

Will: "resolved" state isn't intuitive.

Alexis: Would like to see bug states reflecting where the bug is in our processes. eg: new -> open -> code review -> build -> verify -> closed

Tom: Using stalled for dumping sad tickets. Was supposed to be used for "waiting for requestor feedback".


Will: Updating project page for master key rollover. Waiting for code review.

Ken: Apple stuff. Domain-realm referrals stuff -- supposed to be reviewing comments but no comments. Can review master key keytab patch for Will while waiting.

Tom: Apple patches. Admin stuff.

Alexis: KIM sample code. Set up meeting with Justin. Get MIT KfM builds working with BTMM. KfM 6.5a3 submission.

Robert: Client & server working. Adding docs so can get feedback.