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Minutes of weekly release meeting for 2008-06-30:


Sun interested in multi-master KDC

  • Client library only tries 1 address. Even with a single KDC, client will only use 1 of the KDC's addresses (makes multi-homed KDC useless)
  • What is the multi-master KDC use case? Who is asking for it? What release target is the client support needed for?
  • Not high priority because not many LDAP multi-master db backends deployed.
  • Code contribution would make this support more likely to ship with krb5-1.7



  • Regression testing. 1 failure: Test #108 in kadm5 unit tests tries bogus principal. Old code would return "not found" error. Modified code returns "can't read master key" because the new error comes from inside the keytab code. Should function take principal argument? Use as search criteria?
Look at doc/kadm5 functional specification
Use detailed krb5 error handling to get better error message
Assumption was stash file held only 1 key -- principal used for prompting function?
  • Question to krbdev list: Should fetch function try to get kvno from principal if not passed in?
Should leave up to caller
KDC can look up on init and cache
  • Code review:
Pointer to branch
Diffs from web interface? Webrev (Sun tool) generates HTML diffs.
Can OpenGrok or FishEye do this? Investigate.
Process for code review diff generation?


  • Revising project for domain-realm referrals (KDC side)
  • IETF work


  • More ccache cursor work


  • Dev roadmap
  • IETF


  • Patch integration
  • Hounding people about patches
  • Looking at bugs


  • Plugins
  • Documentation
  • Time estimates (need help from team)