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Minutes of weekly release meeting for 2008-05-19:

Tom will send email to krbdev about some changed release priorities, asking for feedback.

Any progress on changing process for discussing project proposals? We could use RT. We're trying to put together a proposal for updating our RT installation. Will describes a web app he's used. We could use RT with approval statements in comments. We may want to hold off until we've dealt with the web-comment-spam problem. Proposal: Use a special-purpose RT queue; sends to krbdev, receives mail from krbdev, so replies with ticket number get appended to the correct ticket. (No new ticket creation through this mechanism, so other traffic won't flood the RT database.)

Tom thinks we need more formal documentation of interface stability levels. We have some ideas internally, but we don't publish it. Maybe in header files? Distinguish API from ABI? Put it in our API documentation too? Sun's man pages have some of this sort of info. Some discussion of Sun processes.