Release Meeting Minutes/2008-05-12

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Minutes of weekly release meeting for 2008-05-12:

New Release Priorities:

  • iprop: High priority for sponsors.
Looking at integrating Sun's patches. Some small problems with integration.
  • Master Key Rollover and Service Key Rollover:
Described as "race condition with keytab generation" -- another way of looking at it.
  • Multi-threaded KDC:
Feedback that threading introduces more bugs than a multi-process solution using IPC.
Producer-consumer threading models are easier to verify as correct than more complex designs. Might be a reasonable compromise.

Amended List of krb5-1.7 Release Priorities:

  • iprop
  • Remove krb4
  • Master Key Rollover
  • KIM
  • Enhanced error messages (almost done)
  • CCAPI (Mac done, Windows works but may be too slow)
  • Client-side referrals (prinicipal rewriting and new "X-" realm name to signify referrals)
  • domain-realm KDC-side referrals
  • rcache collision avoidance

Removed krb5-1.7 Priorities:

  • Multithreaded KDC
  • GSSAPI mech-glue plugins

Public Admin API:

  • Clean up dependencies on internal structures.
  • Get in sync with Sun API.
  • Talk to Heimdal? Heimdal admin protocol is different, but might want to support common protocol someday.

New krb5-1.7 target deadline: end of 2008

Bug in finalizer in krb5 library:

On application exit support library finalizer being called before krb5 library finalizer. Seen in NetBSD and Moira update server.

Add refcounts/object references inside so finalizers know when their dependencies have been called.

Alternatively special case application exit since dlclose does not have this problem.