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Minutes of weekly release meeting for 2008-04-28:

Is this meeting useful?

Current attendees: Sun, Secure Endpoints, MIT developers

Expand audience?

More concrete agenda?

How do people find out about the meeting?

Need to limit audience to people writing code for the next release.

Release planning for krb5-1.7:

Sponsors not enthusiastic about pre-consortium 1.7 roadmap

Sponsors have expressed immediate interest in:

  • code quality (static analysis, code audits, FIPS compliance, etc)
  • Incremental propogation

Not sure about:

  • GSSAPI mech-glue
  • Kerberos Identity Management (KIM) API

Static Analysis Tools:

Tools producing much more output than expected. 10% of output is too large a sample. Need more time.

Compare tool output to that of other open source implementations.

Code Quality:

Need to overhaul code to improve code quality. Kerberos 2.0?

Remove code duplication. Modularize.

Should be done as a series of refactoring projects, not starting from scratch.

Overhaul should not completely block work on requested features.