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Minutes of weekly release meeting for 2008-04-14:

Shawn Emery attending from Sun in place of Will.

Tom: Daptiv status. Please update.

Tom: Outstanding issues?

Kevin: At conference last week. This week working on installer and why NIM doesn't work but command line tools do. Also Vista with UAC issues.

Ken: Been working on static analysis tools. Estimate for integrating the iprop code. This week more static analysis tools and estimating KDC-side referrals code.

Shawn: What iprop code?

Ken: Code from Sun from early 2005. Is there newer code?

Shawn: Has probably been updated since then. Will send you updated patches.

Alexis: KfM release. Looking at differences between Apple pkinit and pkinit in the krb5 sources. More this week. Will create project in Daptiv for pkinit analysis.

Tom: At board meeting last week. Writing up coding styles and other stuff on the wiki. Looking for feedback so please comment.

Shawn: Sun's interop issues with GSS. Guaranteeing that the initial ticket flag is set on certain service principals. When the principal is manually created the admin needs to be able to set the flag. Is it sufficient for people to be able to manually set it?

Tom: Sam's idea was to have the kadmin library have an initial API to examine the ticket flags and make sure it is an initial ticket. Would such an API would be useful to Sun?

Shawn: The primary goal is to have interop working soon. Submitted a fix a while back.

Tom: Was it the changepw principal that was the problem?

Shawn: In the default mode the kadmin principal gets used.

Tom: I thought our implementation tries the kadmin/host principal.

Shawn: That's the fix I submitted.

Tom: Ah currently we just accept it but don't try it.

Shawn: Not sure what the demand is for the AD interop stuff. Need to make a few more changes. Will look at trying to get that out to MIT.

Tom: What does this fix?

Shawn: Dynamic DNS updates, some other stuff. LDAP commands.

Tom: So there are dependencies other than Kerberos like an LDAP client and dynamic DNS.

Shawn: There's also a client.

Tom: So we need to audit user interface as well.

Shawn: Are you on the Kerberos discuss group? Posted before that group existed. Will look at packaging it up for a code contribution.

Ken: Lots of proposals at the board meeting. Might be the one to work on it.

Tom: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Went down a rat hole last week but back out.

Tom: Next meeting 4/28/2008. Next Monday is a holiday in MA.