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Minutes of weekly release meeting for 2008-03-24:

Project status

Tom: Justin's schedule updated in Daptiv. Ken updated but not completely up to date

Sam: In good shape except for mech-glue project

Tom: Worked on mech-glue a little.


Sam: Discussion with vendor about mech-glue about what to do if we can't ship the full implementation immediately. Minimal extension "plugin" support provided via export_lucid_context. Don't want to export giant struct of function pointers -- instead use Luke Howard's support. Plugin may not use same malloc/free as library. Tom has a proposal to solve malloc/free issues. Taken Sun's patches except for plugin code.

Will: Sun's plugin support is private anyway.

Will: Manager OK with split project. Writing up keytab stash part now. How do I create a project page?

Sam: Just go to an unused page URL and the wiki will offer to create the page.

Will: Process not well documented or user-friendly (some agreement from other attendees). Main project page doesn't list all the projects.

Sam: Will fix. Add comments to talk page or to-do page to make sure this issue doesn't get dropped.

Elizabeth: If you come up with useful instructions, add them to the How To Contribute pages.


Will: Any updates on a new kadmin protocol?

Ken: Mostly still talking to gauge interest. Microsoft is not interested so not a big payoff.

Sam: Will work on incompatibilities that are easy to fix. Set change password support would also be nice.

Will: Enctype issues with ktadd causing a headache for Sun. Client not telling KDC which enctype it supports and is getting keys it can't use.

Sam: Stanford has a tool we are looking at that will make the general problem here easier to manage. In the specific ktadd case the protocol supports asking for certain enctypes. Just need to modify ktadd to use it.

Will: That might fix it.


Will: Why no CDDL?

Ken: CDDL has terms requiring distribution of sources I think.

Sam: Generally we have problems with licenses which are open source unfriendly (eg: GPL-incompatible) or too open (eg: no support for closed source use for embedded systems).

Will: Would like to make it easier for MIT to take our patches.

Sam: Note that if we decide to accept the CDDL, we would also need to accept other similar vendor open source licenses. Should make sure that is okay with your lawyers.

Will: Just need a list of specific issues with the CDDL for our lawyers and we can figure something out.

Will: Might be out at MIT in May. Nothing certain yet though.

Sam: I will be on paternity leave in May. Other people will be around.

Will: Okay, will work on finishing wiki project page.