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'''Minutes of weekly release meeting for 2008-03-17:'''
'''Minutes of weekly release meeting for 2008-03-17:'''

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Minutes of weekly release meeting for 2008-03-17:

Project status

Tom mech glue behind Alexis blocked Justin behind Elizabeth Stone not currently tracked in system

2 tech writers

Elizabeth working on dev docs, API Consultant working on white papers, best practices

Master enc type

Will Fiveash: Have enough to finish design and implement. Ken's design on master key enctype migration is a good base.

Sam Hartman: Is this was only keystash part of project?

Will: Thought this was a full project.

Sam: Keystash part would be independently useful, and would serve as an introduction to this process.

Will: Willing to work in incremental steps. Worried about process overhead of being part of 2 projects, Sun and MIT.

Sam: Would be useful datapoints to learn from.

Will: Will see how it works out.

Minutes on k5wiki

Sam: Minutes on k5wiki need to be linked to from main page.