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Minutes of weekly release meeting for 2008-03-10:

Will Fiveash: Researching Ken's design on master key enctype migration. Saw Steve's email about a doc writer, curious to know more.

Elizabeth Stone (the doc writer): Still getting acclimated. Reading source code and HP VMS docs.

Will: Wondering what the documentation priorities will be? Saw email on KC list "Preliminary List of Best Practices", seemed mostly admin related.

Elizabeth: Focusing on APIs first.

Alexis: Our API docs are our weakest area.

Elizabeth: Also, writing a guide on the wiki for people new to the Kerberos Consortium.

Will: /etc/authorization on OS X to kinit at login/screensaver?

Alexis: Works, but is very particular about syntax. Incorrect syntax makes the login process fail. Syntax changes with each version of OS X; may be hard to google for your particular needs.

Will: Will take to list for all to learn from the experience.