Release Meeting Minutes/2007-12-17

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Weekly release meeting 2007-12-17 15:30 EST


  • hartmans
  • kpkoch
  • tlyu
  • raeburn
  • lxs
  • jander
  • Will Fiveash

Sam: My understanding that steve is getting PPM accounts for [Will] and Wyllys.

Sam: responses to chinese stuff [venustech]

Sam: kfw and mechglue ... main risks

Sam: for Tom ... get you time or contractor etc.

Sam: Kevin - breakthrough or something?

Kevin: yes. ... Jeff says watch out for how you name endpoints ... history... why not take code that generates endpoints and use existing code for generating endpoint names

Sam: move into library? ... good idea.

Kevin: copied out into separate area and made sure can compile

Sam: before you check in anything, actually move the code. not be a state where you've got both sets of code still live. first things you should actually do is move code into ccapi library.

Kevin: done

Sam: moving code out of old ccapi lib into new one. when you make change to kfwlogon, have ccapi server working enough that you can stop building old code. old code will work w/o kfwlogon.

Sam: gut feeling - treat your [Kevin] delay as estimate error for now; if still in bad position 4wks from now then look more closely. reasonable?

Kevin: yes

Sam: other stuff to discuss?

Tom: handoff for multi mkvno?

Sam: assume Will hasn't yet gotten time to look at it

Will: correct ... still struggling with workstation, hw probs, etc.


Will: intial focus on enctype migration; multi mkvno is related?

Tom: yes