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This is the preliminary proposed goal set for the krb5-1.9 release. Please provide comments on the krbdev list. This page organizes the goals by the "guiding principles" listed in the roadmap.


This is only an approximate timeline.

  • 2010-09-01 -- make release branch
  • 2010-12-01 -- final release

Code quality

  • Python-based test framework [Greg, done, could be extended to include multi=realm test cases]
  • KDC refactoring [Tom Yu]
  • DAL cleanup [Greg Hudson]

Developer experience

  • NSS crypto back end? [Bob Lyea]
  • plugin framework evolution [Tom Yu, Zhanna Tsitkova]
  • Naming extensions back end for exposing constrained delegation chain [Luke, done, needs review]


  • account lockout performance improvements [Greg Hudson, done]

End-user experience

Administrator experience

  • Trace logging[Greg Hudson]
  • Plugins for password sync [Tom Yu]
  • Plugins for password quality checks [Tom Yu]
  • OTP (only old SAM SecurID planned for now) [Tom Yu]

Protocol evolution