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* [[Projects/Improve GSSAPI mechanism configuration]]
* [[Projects/Improve GSSAPI mechanism configuration]]
* [[Projects/LDAP SASL TLS support]]
* [[Projects/LDAP SASL TLS support]]
* Hierarchical incremental propagation
* [[Projects/Hierarchical iprop]]
== Performance ==
== Performance ==

Latest revision as of 12:02, 11 March 2014


[edit] Timeline

This is only an approximate timeline. Dates are subject to change.

  • Aug. 2014 -- make release branch
  • Oct. 2014 -- final release

[edit] Code quality

  • Additional KDC refactoring

[edit] Developer experience

[edit] End-user experience

  • Reduce DNS-related difficulties with service principal names
    • Config to disable client service principal canonicalization

[edit] Administrator experience

[edit] Performance

[edit] Protocol evolution

  • Projects/HTTP Transport
  • Ticket flag to signal KDC support for resolving aliases
  • Authorization data -- conditional on IETF consensus
    • Authorization data container with multiple verifiers (CAMMAC)
    • POSIX directory info in authorization data (PAD)
    • Level of Assurance in authorization data
    • Site-defined string-keyed claims in authorization data
    • X.509 attributes in authorization data
  • FAST preauth sets (e.g. OTP + long-term password)
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