Release 1.10

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This is only an approximate timeline.

  • Jul. 2011 -- make release branch
  • Oct. 2011 -- final release


  • Kernel / user split (for NFS, etc.): Add build infrastructure demonstrating and testing a message-processing subset of the gss-krb5 mechanism suitable for kernel filesystems.
  • Localization: Create infrastructure for localization of client user interface messages using gettext.
  • Improve API documentation: Create documentation for the libkrb5 API.
  • Selective refactoring of KDC (to support libKDC etc.): Reorganize parts of the KDC code for improved modularity and maintainability.
  • Pluggable configuration back-end: Allow applications and integrators to override krb5.conf as the source of krb5 configuration data.
  • Credential selection: Add a facility to select between credentials for different Kerberos identities based on the service being contacted. (This will be confirmed).
  • Referrals: Finish implementation following IETF updates.
  • PKINIT hash agility: Allow PKINIT to use newer hash algorithms than SHA-1.