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An announcement has been sent to krbdev@mit.edu starting a review of this project. That review will conclude on 2010-09-24.

Comments can be sent to krbdev@mit.edu.

kinit -C with apologies to Star Trek.

The administrator of a Kerberos database has access to all user keys within that database. This is sufficient to impersonate any user. Today, no convenient user interface is provided for logging in as a given user without changing that user's passowrd. This project proposes to add a -c (cheat) option to kinit. If this option is supplied, then the key will be extracted from the database rather than prompting for a password. This option requires that kinit be run on a KDC with read access to the Kerberos database and stash file.


Kinit will register and use the kdb keytab in order to access the database. It will actually contact the KDC process and go through th efull AS-REQ path. The advantage of this is that any authorization data is generated. The disadvantage is that users who require pkinit or hardware preauth cannot be logged in using this mechanism. As a result, kinit will link against libkdb5 and libkadm5srv.


This section documents the review of the project according to Project policy. It is divided into multiple sections. First, approvals should be listed. To list an approval type


(hash mark followed by four tilde characters) on its own line. The next section is for summarizing discussion, which should take place on krbdev@mit.edu. Provide links to the archive at http://mailman.mit.edu/pipermail/krbdev/ if appropriate. Blocking objections can be noted with {{project-block}}.