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''This project introduces Kerberos tickets with Forward Secrecy as TLS CipherSuites.''
External project links:
* [http://tls-kdh.arpa2.net/tls-kdh.html Project working pages]
* [http://tls-kdh.arpa2.net/spec/tls-kdh-ID.html Specification]
* [http://lists.arpa2.org/mailman/listinfo/tls-kdh Discussion list]
We use '''TLS-KDH''' as a name for the protocol proposed on this page.
==Mechanics of the Project==
The TLS-KDH CipherSuite is a special way of using TLS:
# The TLS client offers TLS-KDH CipherSuites in its ClientHello
# The TLS server selects a TLS-KDH CipherSuite in its ServerHello
# The TLS server sends no ServerCertificate
# The TLS server sends a ServerKeyExchange with a suitable Diffie-Hellman public key
# The TLS server may send a CertificateRequest to request a client identity (which the client may still refuse to supply)
# The TLS client chooses whether it will release its identity, or remain anonymous
# The TLS client looks for a service ticket in its local Kerberos infrastructure
# The TLS client sends a ClientKeyExchange holding a service ticket and a Diffie-Hellman public key response, encrypted to that ticket
# The TLS server accepts the service ticket and uses it to decrypt the Diffie-Hellman response
# Both now construct the shared secret, following normal Diffie-Hellman procedures for TLS
# Both now construct a proof of knowing the secret, thereby authentication to the other side
# Both now validate the other side before proceeding
==Policy Choices for this Mechanism==
* The server may or may not be equiped with a service ticket; this may depend on the server name
* The client may be willing to obtain a service ticket for all, some or no remote servers
* The client may be willing to provide its identity to all, some or no remote servers
* The KDC may be willing to provide service tickets for remote realms
==Changes to Kerberos==
* None. Although independent work on [Realm Crossover in the KDC] is bound to be useful.
==Changes to TLS==
* The changes to TLS do not disturb older TLS implementations
* The TLS-KDH CipherSuites require TLS version 1.2 or later
* Both TLS clients and servers must be extended to support the TLS-KDH CipherSuites
We expect to offer early support to [http://www.gnutls.org GnuTLS] soon. The [http://tlspool.arpa2.net TLS Pool] will also support TLS-KDH.
==Comparison to Other Work==
See [http://tls-kdh.arpa2.net/related.html http://tls-kdh.arpa2.net/related.html]
==Related Projects==
* [https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6112 RFC 6112] defines anonymous client tickets

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