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This page represents a proposed policy of the MIT Kerberos project.

MIT is not the sole copyright holder for source code and documentation in the MIT Kerberos source tree. We greatly prefer that contributors assign their copyright to MIT, but we will accept contributions that have acceptable licensing terms, especially if those terms are substantially identical to those of the MIT Kerberos License.

Licensing for software

MIT Kerberos is redistributed by vendors of GPL software and by vendors of proprietary software. For this reason, all source code in MIT Kerberos must be licensed so that it is both GPL-compatible and allows vendors to make proprietary derivative works. This generally requires a BSD-style license. This also means that software licensed using the GPL may not be included under most circumstances.

Licensing for documentation

For lack of a better policy, documentation distributed as part of the MIT Kerberos source code must also follow the licensing policy for software. We may wish to relax this and allow for GFDL or similar licenses on some documentation.