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Planning the Wiki Evolution

This page is about avoiding a "how this wiki works" page. Right now, the wiki looks a bit like an untamed garden. It is to our advantage to present users, contributors, and founders with a clear and consistent structure. We can define the purpose and scope of the wiki so that contributors have a better chance at contributing in the right places.

Formatting and content guidelines belong elsewhere.

Potential topics:

  • How information can be organized (categories, groups, etc.) to keep it as unambiguous as possible. That is, making it easy to decide which "child" page belongs to which "parent." This should take the roadmap into account -- I don't think we've planned page stubs for contributors so that they don't have to invent their own.
  • Who has should have access to different levels of information.
  • How to improve the navigatability of the wiki. Right now, there is no site-wide Table of Contents, and there aren't a lot of hyperlinks between pages.

This also relates to the re-design of the Kerberos Consortium web site, w/r/t ease of navigation and access to levels of information. --Estone 20:50, 10 April 2008 (EDT)