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Planning the Wiki Evolution

This page is about avoiding a "how this wiki works, and where the heck is it" page. Right now, the wiki looks a bit like an untamed garden. It's worth looking at other opensource web sites and seeing how they use their wikis. Ease-of-use has a lot to do with "getting what you expect."

Format and content guidelines belong elsewhere.

Potential topics:

  • What information is available in the wiki, and have we noted places where contributions would be welcome? Is any one person(?) responsible for keeping an eye on it?
  • How is it organized -- is it easy to see the relationships between topics (which "child" page belongs to which "parent"? This should take the roadmap into account -- I don't think we've planned page stubs for contributors, and that could make wiki evolution more coherent.
  • What level of information is available to who -- and when should we provide pointers to more specialized information? What, if anything, is confidential? How can an unprivileged person ask about that info?
  • How do you find your way around? This is more of a design issue -- it probably belongs to the wiki-owners, not in the wiki itself.

This also relates to the re-design of the Kerberos Consortium web site, w/r/t ease of navigation and access to levels of information. It might be a good idea to link the wiki with the site page.

--Estone 21:27, 10 April 2008 (EDT)