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What's where

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  • Developer resources describes resources avalable to Developers including the location of the source tree and bug tracking system
  • Source tree layout
  • Subversion repository layout
  • Source browsing tools
  • Documentation resources
  • Coding style
  • Policies and procedures

Contributing to K5Wiki

K5Wiki is a work in progress. If you are contributing to MIT Kerberos, or are in the process of becoming familiar with working on MIT Kerberos, please share your observations and advice to make it easier for others to learn how to contribute.

We generally want contributions to the wiki pages to follow the Wikipedia Manual of Style when appropriate. There are probably aspects of the Wikipedia style that are not suitable for K5Wiki, but we can identify those here as we become aware of them.

Also, please follow the Wikipedia conventions for talk pages when engaging in discussions on talk pages, particularly using ~~~~ to sign comments.

General Information About Editing Wiki Pages

Wikimedia Text Mark-Up


Content Guidelines