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The MIT Kerberos source code is in a Git repository.

Official releases

Typically, end users and system administrators who want the latest stable MIT krb5 software should use the official releases:

Git repository access

The current development source code is now in a Git repository. The latest development code is on the "master" branch, as is usual for Git. (It used to be "trunk" when the main repository was in Subversion.) Developers wishing to contribute changes to the krb5 software should track this repository. Advanced end users and system administrators may also wish to obtain the latest development sources from this repository.

The krb5 repository migrated to Git during the weekend of 2012-05-11. Use the following URLs for read-only access.

If you are interested in contributing changes to our repository, please consult our version control practices page. You should of course test changes before submitting them for inclusion; see Building for the additional steps needed to build from a git checkout and Test suite for more information about the regression tests. Additional information about the Git migration is available, including help for situations where you have an existing GitHub fork of the krb5-anonsvn Git repository.

There is a wiki page with details about the Git conversion process available for people who are interested in the technical details.

Repository browsing