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The MIT Kerberos source code is in a Subversion repository. It will soon be moving to a Git repository.

Official releases

Subversion repository access

Git repository access

The krb5 repository is migrating to use Git, targeting the weekend of 2012-05-11. The eventual URLs will be

but there is also a test repository at

Additional information about the Git migration is available, including help for situations where you have an existing GitHub fork of the krb5-anonsvn Git repository.

There is a wiki page with details about the Git conversion process available for people who are interested in the technical details.

Repository browsing

  • FishEye provides a feature-rich view of the repository
  • OpenGrok provides an interface that allows you to search for the definition or usage of a specific function; it is somewhat better for cross references than FishEye.
  • http://anonsvn.mit.edu/viewvc/krb5 provides a more basic form of web access to the entire repository.
  • See the Github mirror information below for another browsing alternative.

Git-svn mirror

The Git-svn mirror described below will become a static snapshot after the main repository converts to Git.

Additional information is available about using git-svn.