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A developer is a member of the MIT Kerberos community working on improving the MIT Kerberos code base. Developers are responsible for:

  • Evaluating bugs and proposing fixes to bugs.
  • Proposing projects and working to implement these projects.
  • Proposing patches that fix bugs or advance projects.
  • Participating in design and policy discussions here or on krbdev@mit.edu.

Anyone can become a developer. Here are some steps you should follow if you are interested:

  • Download and build MIT Kerberos.
  • Join krbdev@mit.edu.
  • Examine the bug database. The user name is guest and the password guest.
  • Propose fixes to problems reported there.

Additionally, some developers, called committers, are entrusted with commit access to the source repository. Some committers are members of Krbcore, and have greater responsibilities for guiding the future of MIT Kerberos.