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This page lists resources that developers use on a regular basis. One goal of the page is to help those beginning to track the project know what they may be interested in looking at.


  • The Installation Guide describes how to build and install MIT Kerberos.
  • The 1.6 documentation site contains administrator and user documentation; while not directly targeted at developers, this documentation helps understand the product.
  • Unfortunately there is no stable web pointer to the current version of MIT Kerberos documentation; as such the above links will eventually point to outdated documentation.

Mailing lists

Much of the discussion of new proposals, discussion of what direction to take the product and answering of questions takes place on mailing lists.

  • krbdev@mit.edu is the primary list for developers of MIT Kerberos.
  • cvs-krb5@mit.edu receives all Subversion commit messages and allows developers to track all changes made to MIT Kerberos.
  • krb5-bugs@mit.edu is notified when a ticket is created or updated. This list helps track bugs and feature requests.
  • krbcore@mit.edu is a private list for Krbcore; send mail to this list if you need to contact the core team.
  • krbcore-security@mit.edu is the point of contact for security problems with MIT Kerberos.

Source code

The MIT Kerberos sources are in a Subversion repository.

Bug tracking


The core team and some fairly active developers use a jabber room for instant message chat. The goal is to have kerberos developers around the world available to answers each others' questions and to engage in real-time design discussions. If you are a reasonably active developer and wish to join this chat, contact a core team member for details.