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Our continuous integration infrastructure includes Buildbot, Travis CI, AppVeyor, and a nightly cron job.




Automatically builds and tests master and active release branches on every push (with a 5-minute stability timer). Doesn't currently build pull requests. Periodically does a Coverity Scan build.

Travis CI


Builds and tests all active branches and pull requests. Use [ci skip] in a commit message to request that Travis skip that commit.


(We are still setting this up; this information may not be accurate yet.)


Build and tests all active branches and pull requests under Windows.

Nightly builds


We run a nightly cron job on two machines (one Linux, one Solaris) which builds a snapshot and reports success or failure. This is currently our only regular build for Solaris; if we set up a Solaris buildbot slave, then we can decommission the nightly build infrastructure.

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