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== Instant messaging ==
== Instant messaging ==
[[IRC and Jabber]]
[[Developer chat]]
== Lore ==
== Lore ==

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This page lists resources that developers use on a regular basis. One goal of the page is to help those beginning to track the project know what they may be interested in looking at.



  • The Installation Guide describes how to build and install MIT Kerberos.
  • The documentation site contains administrator and user documentation; while not directly targeted at developers, this documentation helps understand the product.
  • The Glossary is a quick index of acronyms and terms related to Kerberos, which you may come across while reading the code.
  • Plugin development notes, pointers, tips, etc (needed!)

Mailing lists

Much of the discussion of new proposals, discussion of what direction to take the product and answering of questions takes place on mailing lists.

Source code

Bug tracking

  • http://krbdev.mit.edu/rt/ is the interface to the bug tracking server.
  • Log in with user name guest and password guest. (or use the guest login button)
  • See doc/procedures.txt (raw | annotated | history) for some information on bug states.

Instant messaging

Developer chat


You may find relevant accumulated lore in Category:Lore.

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