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'''K5Wiki''' is a wiki supporting the development of [[MIT Kerberos]], a reference implementation of [[wp:Kerberos (protocol)|the Kerberos network authentication protocol]].

This wiki serves both as a place for coordination of development efforts on MIT Kerberos and as a means for potential contributors and other interested people to become more involved with MIT Kerberos development.  This wiki does not focus on the needs for the average end user, but it may nevertheless contain information that is useful to advanced users, such as system administrators who wish to make customizations.

What can this wiki do for you?
* I have a [[Asking questions|question]]
* I want to [[Writing applications|write Kerberos application software]]
* I want to [[Reporting bugs|report bugs]]
* I want to [[Fixing bugs|fix bugs]]
* I want to [[Learning about the code|learn more about the code]]
* I have [[Suggesting enhancements|ideas for enhancements]]
* I want to [[Contributing code|contribute code]]
* I want to [[K5Wiki:Todo|help to improve this wiki]]

== Releases ==

The current release is [ krb5-1.15].

* [[Release 1.15 | Release 1.15 goals]]

Additional information on future releases:

* Development [[roadmap]]

== Users ==

We recommend that end users use MIT Kerberos software packages built by their operating system vendor if possible, and use support resources provided by their site or by their vendor.  For those users (typically system administrators) who have a need to build MIT Kerberos from source code, we have some resources available on this wiki.

* [[Building]] the MIT Kerberos software
* [[Reporting bugs]]
* [[Suggesting enhancements]]
* More [[user resources]]

== System administrators ==

We also recommend that most system administrators use MIT Kerberos software packages from their operating system vendor if possible.

* [[Building]] the MIT Kerberos software
* [[Reporting bugs]]
* [[Suggesting enhancements]]
* [[IPv6]] support status
* Monthly [[ops feedback teleconference]]
* More [[sysadmin resources]]

== Developers ==

Developers can include end users who have a need to customize the MIT Kerberos source code, or who would like to contribute patches for new features or for bug fixes.

* [[Developer resources]]
* [[Getting source code]]
* [[Committer resources]] -- only really useful for people with commit access.

=== Contributing ===

* [[How to contribute]] to the MIT Kerberos software
* [[Fixing bugs]]
* [[Suggesting enhancements]]
* [[Contributing code]]

=== Background information ===

* [[:Category:Policies|Policies for development]]
* [[:Category:Lore|Lore]]

=== Code quality ===

* [[Coding style]]
* [[Test-driven development]]
* [[Manual_Testing|Manual testing procedures]]
* [[Cleanups|Code cleanup opportunities]]

=== Planning ===

* Development [[roadmap]]
* [[Projects]]

=== Communication ===

* [[Release_Meeting_Minutes|Release Meeting Minutes]]
* [[Developer chat]]
* [ Blog]

== Additional information ==

* [[K5Wiki:Todo|A todo list  for work needing doing on this wiki]]
* [[Application_Maintenance|Notes on maintenance of the krb5 telnet/rlogin/gssftp applications]]

We look forward to your contributions to K5Wiki and MIT Kerberos.</rev>